Kwaan Listening Session Report from Sept 15

Purpose of the Listening sessions is to respond to the Shareholders request for increased communication in the community and to respond to the need to build relationships with governments, organization, businesses and community members. Outcome is to provide an information gathering and sharing platform with intention of strengthening trust and transparency with the Shareholders and Community. Today is the first of a series of sessions.


• Welcome and Opening Prayer

• Opening Comments and Purpose: Secretary/Treasure, Don Bremner, and Vice Chair Verna Henniger

• Presentations 15 to 30 Minutes and Open Floor Discussions

• YTT/Kwaan Toxic Clean up Presentation

• Yakutat Seafoods, Future Harvesting Salmon

• City of Yakutat, City Sale of Yakutat Power and Future of Energy

• Yakutat Chamber of Commerce: Tourism Future

• USFS, Federal Relationship on Management of Natural Resources and update on Cultural sites

• Shared Ideas and concepts for Yak Kwaan Strategic Planning

Click here for the full report PDF Kwaan-Listening-Session-Report-9-1-15